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Although "home" is in Evergreen, Colorado, just a short 25-minute drive from Denver. I often find myself dreaming of the next place to explore within Colorado and all around the world. Nothing inspires me more than traveling to new places, soaking in all the sunsets around a campfire, and trying new foods.

When you hire me, I am not just your photographer. I am your location scouter, adventure bud, pep squad, DJ, hot chocolate maker, and if needed, wilderness first aid provider.

Ultimately, I want all of my couples to have the most amazing wedding day or adventure experience where ever in the world that may be. I would love nothing more than to document your day as you soak in the views, do those activities you dream of, dance to the music, and cheers to all the epic adventures to come.

Meet Leah.

The adventure loving Dreamer behind the lens.

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| Lizards. Enough said.
| Traditional holiday food, unless it's cinnamon rolls
| IPA beers (sorry, I know this is not very "Coloradan" of me)
| TV shows. I hate getting sucked into a screen
| Scary movies


| Adventures anywhere in the world
| Comfy clothes, give me all the Athleta + Lululemon
| Wine + Taylor Swift + ABBA jams after a long day
| Intentional and deep conversations. Enneagram Type 4w3 here.
| Petting all the dogs + (any furry creature that will let me)


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Everest Base Camp